Sunday, November 11, 2007

sukie VS suki

Long time ago I found Sukie at a Japanese Website called Grafe
That was one of my fav. Japanese writer Mrs F zakka shop
When I first discovered Sukie
I was attracted by its super cute illustration and bright colour designs

Then I saw the name SUKIE ....
It is just one letter difference with my name SUKI !!!
and I immediately fell in love with it
not that I love myself so much
it's because the designs are very very cute and honestly, it's very much like my style...

SUKIE is actually from UK and set up by Darrell and Julia in 2000
They have lots of cute products and I am very happy that I can find it in some shops in Sydney
It's also avaliable on Amazon now
Only paper products are avaliable though

You can check out their textile products on their website

They're super cute!!!

I wish one day i can be as sucessful as SUKIE....

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