Friday, November 9, 2007


it's been a week since the last post
actually I have so many things want to write
(1) I am still upseting with the sales
(2) I am very tired
(3) I am busy with another show at the end of this month
(4) the most important reason -- I am now using 50.6k dial up internet!!!!!

I haven't use dial up for ages, maybe 3 or 4 years I suppose.. I know so many people are still using dial up internet, but I just can't stop myself saying how shit dial up is.... the standard speed is 56k but what I can get is 50.6k the most, sometimes at night I can only get 40k... damn... The reason why I have to use 56k is I have just signed up with Dodo's ADSL2+ and they have to cut out my ADSL service before they install the ADSL 2. It takes 3 weeks for them to install the whole thing for God sake... I wonder how can I survie without ADSL.... i seriously thinking to buy 3 mobile broadband so that I can at least use wireless for 2 or 3 weeks...
ugh... life without broadband is so painful....

speaking of Dodo... I don't mean to discrimate or anything... I just hope that someone from Dodo can speak real English.... it's so hard to understand the Indian English... I have signed the wrong plan for twice and honestly I just want to speak to someone that I can understand... but i know it's rude to say that out... "hello? anyone speak English?"


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