Sunday, December 23, 2007

Hope Street Market

can't believe my application for the Hope Street Market has been approved!!
i brought my application to the hope street market office and found out it's actually a resturant, i was very doubt (coz it's a "market" right? not a resturant...)but i have to put my application in the mail box coz that was the last day to hand in the application. One week later, i haven't heard from the HSM (Hope street market) so I thought 90% I won't get the chance or my application was lost. I sent the email to HSM and they said they have my application but it's still in process, the final decision will be made on Friday. So I wait and wait, untill Friday mid-night, I still haven't got any reply from them, so I was 100% sure I am out coz I don't even have a phone interview with them....
On Saturaday, I've got an email from HSM Sarah + Brooke and they said my application is approved!!!!!!
definately the best christmas gift ever~~~~~~

so happy~~~~~~~

handmade cusion with left over hand painted fabric

my new toy...shame to say that the shap of this softie is actually the shape of my leg....

craziest stamp ever!!

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