Sunday, May 4, 2008

Don't think of

ANYTHING (espcially your designs) before you go to sleep! A little spark can burn the whole forrest. A little idea can ruin your whole sleepy night!
With all the things coming up at the same time I am working very hard lately. Last night before I went to sleep, there's a small ideas in my mind and I kept of thinking aout it even if I was already in bed... so this small ideas turned into 10 ideas and 10 ideas turned into 20... things go on like that and my whole night just kept on thinking all the "possibility" of those ideas. I tried to keep myself on the bed hopefully I could fall alseep, but the longer you lied there, the more you want to get up and draw everything down. It's like giving you a Big Mac when you're very hungry but won't let you eat it... oh no..... so... don't think of ANYTHING before you go to sleep....

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