Friday, July 18, 2008

super thursday

How can I miss the World Youth Day as a Catholic? Although it’s pretty weird to see the Pope in Sydney (usually only see him from TV) there’s absolutely no reason for me not going to see him. I went out at 12, got some paper works with me just in case, not sure where to go to coz I knew the Botanic Garden must be very packed, so after lunch with Dave I headed to a secret local spot at the Rocks and as I expected, nobody was there except a few locals! Great! So I spread out my papers and do some writing under the beautiful blue sky. Haven’t been that lay back for ages so I have to thank God for that!

Anyway, the Opera House was so full and I am glad that I am on the other side of the harbor. You can’t really see the Pope on the boat anyway. The boat ride is pretty amazing but I think the most excited thing isn’t seeing the boat arrived but to see a police helicopter flew under the Harbor Bridge! We thought the helicopter was out of control or something terrible was going to happen. But of course, there’s nothing happened. I guess maybe the police wanted to entertain us a little bit, after all we’ve been waiting for 2 hours just to see the Pope on the boat.
Later when I walked to the Lotus Street and prepared to see the Pope in the car, I saw the Pope is actually resting inside the boat from the TV big screen!! I have taken a photo of the Pope from the screen though!

Again, it’s a long way to see the Pope but the crowd was very amazing. People were singing, dancing, even shouting the name of the Pope…. So everyone was tired but enjoying their time. And I am glad that a really nice lady kept me company for 2 and a half hours, she is a Sydney-sider and she’s a pilgrim. She took her whole week off just for the World Youth Day. Shame that when the pontiff crisscrossed the city was quite late! It gets dark and cold. But it doesn’t matter because the worst thing was when the popemobile (the car they called) came across, the car was driving like 60k !!! We were all so surprised to see him went that fast. It’s just a blink! Fortunately, I didn’t take any photo so I have a quick glance at the Pope! Although I don’t think he was looking at me face to face, I am lucky enough to see him waving and smiling! Honestly, he’s very CUTE! I am sure this is not the right word to describe the spiritual leader but I really think he is cute! He looks totally different from TV! It’s a once and a life time experience and I am glad that I came. It is amazing that when you see him, you feel so blessed and touched. Maybe that’s the reason why he is a spiritual leader. Unfortunately the nice lady that companies me the whole afternoon didn’t see the Pope coz the car went TOO FAST and she was looking at her camera when the Pope came across!!!! She looked disappointed and almost cried. God bless her. I hope she’ll have another chance at the final mass….


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