Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Wimbledon finale

Nadal won and Federer lost!!!Although I am a big fan of Federer, it's not unpredictable that Nadal will win. Federer has lost the Australia Open early this year already, it's not a big news that he lost in Wimbledon.

I can't believe the game last 5 hours. It started when I went to bed and it's still on when I went to morning pee!! How can this two guys playing for 5 hours? I can't even sit for 5 hours continously not to mention running around for 5 hours... they're unbelivable! Why can't the tennis rules change a little bit and say "well, if you can't beat each other now, maybe come back tomorrow?" But of course, if that's the case, the game will never end.....
Before I went to bed, I watched a short program about Rorger Federer, Rorger said he started playing tennis when he was a kid and he was very emotional at that time and always feel defeat. Few years later he over came all thoes emotional things and since then he just keep on winning the game.
What an inspirational speech.... I thought he has no emotional AT ALL!!!

Anyway, I hope Rorger will win next time!

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