Friday, October 10, 2008

new wallets

I came across Carissa's etsy store few weeks ago
and immediately fell in love with her beautiful handmade wallet.
I thought
"wow, that would be great if I can use my own fabric to make wallet"
but my sewing skill is very crap
so I sent Carissa email and asked if she's interested in making wallets with my fabric
Suprisingly, Carissa and I were very excited about this project
once again, this has proved the world is getting smaller and smaller
It has less boundaries and so many possibilities
This is a crazy world!

I ordered some fabrics for Carissa and she finsihed 10 wallets in just a few days!
She is unbelivable!

The wallets are not avalaible online at the moment, you can only get them from PYD market on 26th Oct, or hopefully later in other designer markets.

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