Friday, January 2, 2009

eating eating

I met my best friend the other day
The first thing she asked was
"what have you done after leaving Hong Kong 7 years?"

fry optus and....
** Seafood dinner at Sai Kung, Hong Kong

That's my answer:

I wake up at 8am, 6.30 if i want to cook my dad coffee
eat sandwiches with dad
check email and read SMH
wait untill mum wake up
go out and eat breakfast again
go shopping
shopping again
afternoon tea
wait for dad to finish work
watch TV
online again
desert = tea + yougut + ice cream
watch TV + online + read magazine + chatting (with mum and dad)
shanghai fry noodles and soup dumplings
** shanghai noodles and soup dumpling

McDonald breakfast, Hong kong
** Macus breaky

my friend: so you didn't go anywhere or do anything special ?"
me: yes
my friend: you just eat
me: eh.... yes....

hotpot dinner
** Hotpot

Yum Cha

me: the main reason i came back is the food
my friend: i know
me: the other day we ate almost HKD$400 fish ball
my friend: what? just fish ball?
me: yeh... just fish ball
my friend: did you take photo?
me: errrr no.... coz i was so busy eating...

(this conversation repeat again when i was talking to my boss in australia...)

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