Monday, July 6, 2009

crative weekend

Stay at home this weekend and work hard
mainly because I spent most of my salary last week
and also because there are so many ideas in my mind and I have to let them all out so that I can have a good night sleep
made a few tote bags this weekend but don't have enough time to take photos
what I really proud of is this table runenr
I made some rubber block to do the cars print and I absolutely love it
handmade table runner
handamde table runner
Also made a small pocket for spoon and fork
I am thinking whether I should sell it or use it at work
People must get so jealous when they see it
handamde table runner
handamde table runner
Then I made some chocolate pudding
Oh my god
I think I am genius in cooking
Maybe I should apply Master Chef for next season
Everytime when I see Julie made her deserts I really want to make mine
Really like that show
This chocolate pudding is fantastic for winter
especially this week coz we have single digit temp
chocolate pudding
chocolate pudding

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Amanda said...

You did a great job good on you!