Sunday, August 9, 2009

chocolalte almond toffee

Thanks to Master Chef, I am very addicted in making desert lately especially chocolate! Here's my chocolate almond toffee and chocolate marshmallow!
homemade chocolate toffee with my new vintage plate
Very easy to make:
(1) put 300g dark chocolate and almond (any type) in the oven 180c
(2) cook 450g butter high heat
(3) pour 2 cups caster sugar in and let it boil
have to pay lots of attention when cooking the toffee coz it can be super hot and it's burning like a volcano, if you have kids at home, better let them stay away
(4) keep stirring until brown-ish
(5) put the almond on the baking tray (remember to line your tray with non-stick baking paper) pour the toffee on the tray
(6) you'll see a layer of oil/ fat whatever you call it, let the toffee cook down a little bit and then use a spoon to get rid of the oil, then pour the melted chocolate on top
OR you can pour the toffee on the tray first, after it cools down a bit, pour the chocolate and put the almond on top of the chocolate

That's it! Too easy!

Oh the vintage plate is lovely. I got it from a vintage shop in Summer Hill, only 5 bucks! What a bargain!!

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