Tuesday, August 18, 2009



For the 27 years I've been trying to believe and confiding
Different people I found
Some of them got closer than others, some wouldn't even bother and then you came around
I didn't really know what to call you
You didn't know me at all but I was happy to explain
You always seem to know where to find me and I m still behind the corner of your eyes
Well this is not communication
If you want communication this is what you get
I m talking and talking but i don't know how to connect
and I hold a record for being patient!
If this is communication I disconnect
I've seen you I know you but I don't know how to connect
so I disconnected


Amanda said...

How are you going? Just thought I'd pop by to say hello.

Suki said...

Thank you for coming Amanda!! I m okay here... sorry for not updating for such a long time. I couldn't believe it was almost 2 years ago since we last met!