Monday, November 23, 2009

sydney hot hot hot

Sydney was so hot yesterday, reaching 41 degrees, even my undies are all soak with sweat!! I woke up at 7am to do some housework, then rush to the supermarket to get the newspaper and some food. Lucky it's quite cool in the morning, by the time I finished breakfast, the temperature started to rise, and it's SOOOOOOO HOT !!!! It feels like an oven outside. I wounder how can people live in the middle of Australia??? Are they constantly live in this kind of condition??? I think, if I step outside my home, I will be evaluated!!!
I have to close all the windows so that the cool air will stay in the house. I felt so lazy under the hot weather, but still, because there are a few shops waiting for my stocks, so I have to do some work at home.

handmade tote bag

After I finished the screen printing, I just jumped into the bath tub to wash the screen, and thank god for that, I actually got some relief from the hot weather !

The weather forecast said the cool air would arrived about 10pm, so I waited and waited and waited till 11pm, I couldn't wait any longer so I went to bed.
OH MY GOD!!! It was so hot I couldn't sleep, and about 2am, the wind started to come, and I couldn't sleep AGAIN coz the wind was so strong that it was banging my windows so hard I thought the whole window would collapse !!!

handmade rubber stamps

I think I fell asleep about 4am and this morning I felt like shit....


Amanda said...

You make me giggle Suki. I think when its hot we all get sweaty undies! Also, I think you mean evaporated not evaluated. LOL, thanks for making me smile. Oh and your bags look fantastic!

Suki said...

hahahah... yeh yeh that's what I meant! OMG, it was so hot here last week, when I opened the window, it's exactly like how I feel when I open the oven door...