Monday, December 21, 2009


Unlike The Cardigans' song. My sleepless night isn't about any love but work... This whole month has been insanely busy for me, parties after parties, dinner after dinner, shopping after shopping. Friday night went to a friend's birthday party, Saturday went last minute shopping with another friend, Sunday I thought I can finally stay at home and do some work, but hell no! I kept looking at the 50 World's best design blogs, Oh My God, I didn't do anything for the whole day until 8 at night, all of the sudden, I have all the creative ideas and started drawing crazily! I drew more than 30 illustrations in one night. It never happened before and I hope it will never happen again in my life because drawing until 3am isn't fun at all. I mean, it's good to have all the ideas and stuffs, but seriously, it's a bit scary, it's like my brain is out of control !!



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