Sunday, February 14, 2010

Hong Kong I love Hong Kong

A friend of mine asked me to do a painting of Victoria Habour, Hong Kong, for him, so I went to do some research on Flickr and I came across these 1960s photos of Hong Kong! It is so amazing! Hong Kong looks so different from 50 years ago! Although so many people (especially my parents) said Hong Kong was so much more beautiful back then, I have to say, I love the Hong Kong that we have today! It is more spectacular than so many places around the world.

Love Queen Elizabeth II dress!!!

1965 Yau Ma Ti

2009 Yau Ma Ti

Its funny though I found this photo of Yau Ma Ti taken in 1967 and when I look at today's photo, nothing much has changed except the sea is gone! the building is still there!! how weird! does that mean people still living in the same condition as 50 years ago???

And I am very sure if I show this photo to my dad, he'll definitely tell me that he built part of the tunnel and part of the MTR (railway) and the stories will just go on and on and on and on.....

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