Sunday, March 14, 2010



I hate it when browsing through other people's website and saw them having the most beautiful food photos on the planet. It makes me so upset because:

1. I have nothing in my fridge to eat
2. I am fat so even if I have stuffs in my fridge I shouldn't eat
3. I can't stop looking at the photos and it makes me hungrier and hungrier

I discovered Evan's Kitchen blog this afternoon when I was super hungry.... and when I look at the pictures, whatever at home isn't as good....

Anyway, no hope to make or eat good food coz I am running out of egg and I don't want to go to the supermarket until tomorrow after work....

So I cooked the Chinese soup, well, it suppose to be a soup but I want to drink something sweet so I put brown sugar instead of salt and meat, it's a mixture of dried longan fruit and dried dates (can get them from aisan supermarket) lots of water and cook for an hour and a half. Good for sleep and skin.


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