Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Holiday

This has been the most productive Easter Holiday I have ever had in my life!
I didn't go out much this weekend and all I did was stay home, eat and work...
I have been "socializing" too much I think
The last time I have a proper holiday by myself was last October when I went to NZ
but even then, I was with my friend Lucy all the time


the singing whale

I have been looking at lots of design/indie/etsy/illustration blogs and websites this weekend
and it's an awful feeling when I found out some designers and I are having the exactly the same ideas
"Doh... can't make this pattern anymore...."
so I push myself to draw something else, to "think outside the square"
but the more I read about the others
the more I feel "I m not good enough"
so I decided not to look at the others work anymore...
just be myself



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