Sunday, May 2, 2010


Went to Wollongong today for a market/exhibition held by Emma-Lee from the Milk Thieves Art & Design
Most of the people think that I m crazy to spend 2 hours on the road for a 3 hours exhibition
But I think it's definately worth to go
At the market
You meet different people, you have the first hand information from your customers, who like your stuffs and who doesn't
You get chances to talk to them, tell them how you make things
When I heard "I really like your designs" or "Julian is such a great photographer"
My heart melted
And then you gotta know creative people around you, like Sarah and Lauren from Thread and the lady who had the stall opposite to mine, who was a radiographer 5 years ago, I can't remember her name but she is the nicest person I've ever met

Meeting all these people
You feel not alone
To be honest, doesn't matter how many friends you have, none of them can understand exactly how you feel unless they're in the same industry
To be able to talk to the local designers is like a stress relief for me

Crafters/ Designers and the crowd in Wollongong are so different from Sydney
although we're in the same state
people are so much different there at Wollongong especially the customers
You feel so much more welcomed and appreciated

I think it's worth to come all the way there

I rather spend my whole day at the stall instead of at the office
doesn't matter if i made money or not
it's my business, it'y my money, it's my stocks, it's mine, it's all mine

Thank you Emma-Lee and all the other people for today

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