Sunday, June 13, 2010

World Cup

Can't believe it's World Cup again, when Italy won 4 years ago, I was still studying my master degree and waiting for my permanent residency in Australia. Anyway, none of my friend like football, actually none of my Australian friend like football, they all think it's boring, well compare to footy it's a bit boring I admit, but I like it since I am a kid, my whole family watch football together at night when I was a kid. It's kind of like a family thing for me... SO .... even if all my favorite teams are playing at 4 in the morning, I still wake up and watch TV... well... my plan is: after work, straight home and sleep, wake up at 4am, watch the game, internet, breakfast, 6.30am go to work... I'll see if this works out or not...

Anyway, I found a really really cool photostream on Flickr, the NASA Goddard photos, OMG!!! I highly recommend it!! Currently NASA Goddard is running a photoshot from the space of all the countries that taking part in the world cup and ALL the photos are just amazing!!!!

This is Australia

This is France

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