Tuesday, July 20, 2010

sleep well

It must be because of the cold weather. I sleep really really well this two weeks. I went to bed yesterday at 10pm after Master Chef, then I was woken up by a really stupid dream about me sleep-texting my dad (in my dream). How weird! It must be because I was listening to Hamish and Andy Podcasts about how young people nowadays not only sleep walking or sleep talking but also sleep texting !!! So right after that radio show, I dreamt that I was sleep texting my dad in my dream... Oh my God... what is wrong with me??

Anyway, the bad thing about sleeping so well or sleeping so early is that you'll wake up early as well! So I woke up at 5am this morning, wait for my alarm at 5.45am. I went to turn on the TV and listen to Sunrise, fell asleep at 6.10am then woke up and wait for my second alarm at 6.20, For some reason I fell asleep again and couldn't hear the second alarm went off SO I WAS LATE TO WORK!

What the!!!!! Why am I so stupid??

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