Wednesday, July 28, 2010

winterland festival @ CarriageWorks, Sydney

MIAO will be having its first market exposure at the Winterland Festival this Thursday, Friday and Saturday. We are featuring artists Ceeb Wassermann, Olive and Ruby, Julian Gallardo, Diana Chen and myself. Feel free to drop by if you're around the area, mind you, this is the last week of the Winterland festival !


Amanda said...

As you probably noticed I just didn't make it in time Suki, so sorry. This week has turned out to be a very difficult one although things are much better right now. Thanks so much for your kind offer and for thinking of me. x

Suki said...

it's okay Amanda! I am going to have another market here at the Australian Centre of photography next month also melbourne rose street market, if you want to put in some of your works you'll be always welcomed!