Monday, July 12, 2010

world cup fever

World Cup has ended but I just found something as crazy as the world cup at -- this site!

Oh My God ! It's crazy! I can't even draw the whold foodball fied... not to mention paper cutting!!!


Kathryn said...

Hi Suki!
I first knew of you from etsy. I bought one of your moleskines in December 07, January 08 (don't quite remember but I know I had it in my last year of full time work before I stopped for maternity leave)and I still have it now, it's nearly finished though! I can't say I am enjoying being back at work - I used to get an amazing amount of satisfaction out of my job, but not so much anymore. I carry your book to all of my meetings, appointments and any place I don't want to be. I leave it closed in front of me and pretend I am in your picture and having coffees and eating crossiants. I have just refound you via MadeIt and wanted to stop by and say hi....I guess... ;) Anyway, good luck in your endevours! I LOVE the look of your new fabric. GORGEOUS!!

Suki said...

Hi Kathryn! Thank you very much for writing to me! You really did made my day coz I had a very shit day at work! Sometimes I ask myself why do I work so hard for, I don't even know if people like my drawings. But reading a lovely sweet comment like yours just make all the hard works seems like nothing to me. Are you anywhere close to Sydney University? I'll be at the Winterland Market at the end of the month, come over if you live around that area, I'll give you one of my new notebook. I think they're pretty good...(shameless me)
Anyway, the coming half a year you'll see me around some capital cities as I am expanding the business and going to take some risks and see how far it can go. I hope to see you soon!

Kathryn said...

Suki! NO ONE reads my blog! Didn't you get the memo?! ;) Imagine my surprise to get a comment!! *gasp*

No, I'm not in Sydney, sunny Cairns, FNQ (although not so sunny today), but I say DO IT! How exciting that you are expanding!! I used to love my job, now it is just there as a means to some (hardly any!) cash that disappears before I even know it is there and I am desperate, DESPERATE!, I tell you, to break out of the mundane, show up, do stuff, go home unsatisfied waste of time that my 2 days of work have become. I have to give up time with my son to do that stuff and I feel like I could make so much more out of my life working that hard for myself! SO I am trying very hard to do what I can on limited $ and time and I find it so incredibly inspiring to see other people doing it when they are in similar situations. I just don't think you can fail. What you do is just so gorgeous and lovely and NEEDED by people! Everyone knows my notebook, they know what I'm talking about if I've misplaced it and I think you'll do great things!!
Once this one is finished though I'll definately be looking for a new one! Oh and just @ "Sometimes I ask myself why do I work so hard for, I don't even know if people like my drawings" - the times I'm not day dreaming about being in the cover of my notebook I stare at all the little details and wonder where you started and what sort of pen it is and marvel at the little tiny details, like the tiles on the roof and the little knobs on the doors. People very much like your drawings <3

Suki said...

Hey Kathryn!
I am expanding the business into a online and offline platform for local artists. The difference between my business and Madeit or other online platform is that I care. I take photos for artists. I give them advice. I bring their products to the markets. I do advertising for them. I am not aiming to earn lots of money from this business but this is really what I want to do. To help local artists. To let them keep their dream up. Australia has so many talent artists, some of them don't have the time or money to set up business, and so many of them just don't have the confidence to do this. I really really want to help them.

I understand exactly what you mean about work and this is exactly how I feel. You work hard. You put your heart out there, 8 hours a day, every single day. But at the end of day, what do you get? Nothing but money. You are spending your time and effort to make money FOR SOMEBODY ELSE and you're taking responsibility of somebody's business. I have a master degree in accounting, but I refuse to work as an accountant. Even if i know i'll get double the money than what i am getting now. I don't want to be an accountant because I don't want to take care of someone else's money. It's not mine anyway, why do I care? I am working at Macquarie private hospital now, at least, i know I am helping someone...

Keep updating coz I am a follower of your blog now! and also, are you still using your PO BOX address?