Sunday, August 1, 2010

Winterland Festival Continue

winterland festival

To be honest I think I am really lucky that....

I have a group of friends that helped me all the way from start till the end of the market. Teresa and her sister and Lucy all came to the market to help me to set up the stalls. Teresa picked me up from home coz she knew I have lots of things to bring along. Lucy came to help after work. Julian drove me home every night and I didn't even ask him to do that.... Margarita came to see me at the market. Lucy also came to help on Saturday... I am so lucky to have them all.

a group of artists who trusted me and agreed to put their stocks at my stall. Without their supports, the market won't be a success. I sincerely thank Ceeb Wassermann , Heather from Ollie & Ruby, Julian Gallardo, Diana Chen and Amanda Hunt for their generous supports and encouragement.

the weather was so nice on Saturday which helps to draw everyone to come out and soaked up the sun and came to the market! I was very worry about the weather coz this Winter, the weather has been horrible! I am so blessed that the weather turned out to be fine on Saturday.

I think I really really lucky. To hear all those lovely comments from everyone, from young kids to elderly people. Thank you very much for dropping by and chat to me when I was so bloody bored !!!

We'll have another market next month. I'll put all the details here soon and I hope to see you soon.

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