Monday, November 1, 2010

TV addict...

Junior Masterchef Aus - Episode # 3 / Part 2
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Have been a real TV addict recently. Seriously, Australia is getting so much better this year! Remember those days we have to watch old movies again and again between year end till the Australia Open? This year seems to be a bit different. There are still a few options on TV and also thanks to the digital channels, we don't have to keep ourselves alive on DVDs...

Anyway, did anyone watch Master Chef Junior? Those kids are unreal. Usually I don't like kids overly mature. I really don't like kids talking like adults... but these Junior Chefs are really really cool... some of the stuffs that they cook arn't easy at all... among all of them, I really like Lucy, she's really really cute and I LOVE to see her smile!!

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