Sunday, June 5, 2011

show bag giveaway


Thank you for all the artists who have kindly donated their lovely goodies/ name cards/ flyers for Creative Lane! To win this lovely show bag, please post this link to your facebook or tweeter, and leave and comment here and show us your link, two of the lucky winners will win this lovely show bag from Creative Lane!

Creative Lane tote bag included:
FQ fabric 21" x 18" designed by Tamptation
Paper notebook designed by Tamptation
Small screen printed coin purse by Diana & Christine
Earrings from Genschi
Pocket Mirror from Genschi
Button from Whiskers Lane
Earrings from Erin Dove Accessories
Screen printed fabrics from Paloma Le Sage Fabrics
Hand drawn book mark from Pabili
Creative Lane magazine

end 14 June 2011


Justina F. Lee said...!/justinafaithlee

great show bag!

lauraalexandraaa said...

what a super showbag! :) X

Suki said...

Thank you!