Sunday, August 14, 2011

Love Sigur Rós

I love love love listening to Sigur Rós when I am very busy
Not only because they produce really good music but also I have no idea what they're singing about so I won't stop and sing with them.
But every time I listen to this song - Ára Bátur, I stopped whatever I am doing and listen. I have no idea why. It has some sort of power that makes you want to cry.
Today, again I am super busy working and this song came up again. I finally got a chance to google what they're singing about. I can't find anything else to describe this song but beautiful.

You tried everything
Yes, a thousand times
Experienced enough
Been through enough
But you it was who let everything
Into my heart
and you it was who once again
Awoke my spirit

I parted, you parted

You stir up
In a blender
Everything in disarray
But it was you who was always
There for me
It was you who never judged
My true friend

I parted, you parted

You sail on rivers
With an old oar
Leaking badly
You swim to shore
Pushed the waves away
But to no avail
You float on the sea
Sleep on the surface
Light through the fog


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