Saturday, November 3, 2007

Balmain Art and Craft Show 1

Tomorrow is the Balmain Art Show...
I am extreamly scared
I worked so hard
but I am afraid no one likes my stuffs
what if i can only sell 10%?
what if i can sell NOTHING?
This is my first show
What will people think about my works?

Will they think I am full of crap?
Ugh... I am going nuts...

I know there are so mnay things I need to improve
but I have no time
even if i don't sell
at least I have learnt something
and I know
no last moment ANYMORE!

It's now 2.44am and I am still working on my website
The trip to Melbourne left me no time
but who can i blame?
I am the one who handle everything...

oh... i think i can't sleep tonight (that would be 5 days in a roll)
i am so worry about tomorrow...

to be continue...


planetjune said...

Suki, you are great and I'm sure it will go really well! Good luck :)

Suki said...

Oh thank you so much!! I wish everything goes well today and tomorrow...

feli said...

Hi Suki,

I know how you feel. I will have mine next week and the same questions keeps running thru my head.

Suki said...

oh oh i nearly cry when i think about these questions... i am about to go to the show now, wish me luck

Anonymous said...

hey dear, nice new blog and layout! once again i think your stuff rocks. can't wait to hear about your experience after the show. good luck!! i wish i were there with you!!