Saturday, November 3, 2007

Balmain Art and Craft Show 2

I went to the Balmain Art and Craft show today and I think I was doing okay
I almost faint when I got in
I was so nervous
This is my first public show

My stuffs were everywhere in the room
and I can see some of them were gone (THANK GOD!!)
the mugs were not doing so well

I saw many people picked up my mugs and "investigate" but they just put it down after awhile
maybe a little bit too expensive?
but don't just don't know how expensive the paints were and how hard to paint on mug!!

I am so glad that I went to the show
I was planning not to go coz I was really nervous
but David did drag me there
and I am very happy to see people buying my stuffs
the leather handle handbag was gone
and I saw people buying two bags at the same time

this lady was the first customer I met
she didn't know I was the maker
I just took a photo secretly
she bought two of the moleskine notebook

i don't know who you were
but if you see this post
i would like to say THANK YOU!

to be continue.....

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Anonymous said...

yay! the hard work is paying off!