Saturday, November 17, 2007

completely nuts

The fabrics I love are either too expensive ($100+ a meter) or too far away (from Sweden)
after some sleepless nights
I have a nuts idea
of course I can't paint fabric like Cath Kidstion or Laura Ashley...
But I can paint something simple
I used the red linen fabric
with French Pebeo white paint

with no draft and nothing in mind
I just painted and it turned out as one of my favourite flower -pony

The first two patterns are okay
but right after that I was so regret to paint this pattern coz it's very very complicated
i have no choice but to continue

I am glad that it's just half a meter
I cannot imagine how would i feel if i have to paint a whole roll... (cut it off maybe)

although painting this half meter is like the end of the world
it's definately worth it coz the finishing looks fantastic!!!
no pain no gian...

i am going to put it on my etsy store to see if any one's interested
if not
i am going to use it to make a bag for myself
but i wonder if i have the guts to cut it....


janice said...
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Anonymous said...


Evon said...

it's beautiful! i bet there will be a buyer :D
and ya, you are pretty nuts to do this stunt. LOL but it turned out well!

Suki said...

thank you la... but i have given it away as a wedding gift already...