Tuesday, November 13, 2007

consignment store follow up

I am glad to receive an email from the store owner yesterday
She wrote us a long letter about what she's been through for the past half year and asked us to forgive her and she still want to run the business
Not that I don't trust her
But it's hard to believe her while she has disappeared for half a year
after we post a protest on etsy and other forums
she suddenly shown up and said someone in her family has died, sick, car crash, bankrupt, everything....
I am sure some of the sellers will trust her
but it's hard for me

coz I was once a student
I lived thousand miles away form home
I need to take care of my brother
Someone important has died
Someone in my family was sick
I not only need to work but also have to study and take care of lots of things
and I have lost something very very very important...

at that time

I was younger than this girl...

I am not saying she's useless or I am a superman

I just want to say, when you're in the business or whatever you're in, YOU ARE IN IT
and you have to take certain kind of responsibility. I really understand when you're facing some crisis, you just can't handle your business, it's OK, it's OK, I don't mind you want to stop the business or anything, but at least, you have to let people who had, once, trusted you to know what was going on.

Business is cruel and more importantly, Internet is all about trust....


hoganfe said...

Hi I saw your info on our flickr group ... I have been asked to consign and wondered if you could email me please at my blog.

Lisa said...

Yeah, I'm with you...even if those things did happen, she could have at least dropped you an email or something!