Sunday, November 25, 2007

Rudd wins, but thanks Johnny

Still remember the whole nation was shocked when Mark lost the battele from the last election
At that time, everyone said Australia deserve a change
but at the end of the day, John Howard still won
I thought the PM has same sort of luck this time, but sorry mate, no luck!

I have studied Australian Politics and many of the workplace reforms at uni
they left me an idea that the Howard govermenet is actually a good goverment
no policies can please everyone, just like one coin has two sides
but what the Howard goverment has done is actually good for the whole country and it's a long term benefits for everyone
people kept on saying the interest rate has rise many times since last election, but i believe the interest rates will rise doesn't matter what the government is
it's the macro environement forced the government to do that
I think the only thing the Howrad government has done wrong is the MP said he'll retire and give the position to Costlelllo and he didnt' do any advertisment to fight back Rudd's

Anyway, maybe it's time for a new learder. You wont' know. Maybe after all, people will miss Johnny.


Anonymous said...

i missed him already. not his brows though. hahaha! he has my vote, because i'm thinking about the same thing as you. I don't mind the interest rate rise, if not for the rise, first home buyers will never get a chance to step into the market.

i think the only thing he's done wrong was to hold on to the power for too long.

a new leader or not, I hope Kevin Rudd won't have an ending like Tony Blair :)

suki said...

wah hahahahh I missed his brows sooooo much!!! He's very cute I think... hahahah but I don't like poeple too old... he's what? 68? eh...

yeh did some bad things and some good things, nothing can pleased everyone and everyone makes mistakes anyway... The Howrad policies are actually very good to small business as well, I really hope Kevin Rudd won't destory anything! I think Mr Rudd is very very lucky, think about that, 10 years aggo this country is in great debt and now when we have lots of money in the reserve bank, Kevin Rudd can use the money!! how good is that!! It's like my father working very hard and left lots of money for me to spend... I hope he wont' waste the money on something useless!

feli said...

I have a mixed feeling about this.

I know the interest rate will rise no matter what and I agree on you with that one.

For as long as I have lived here in Australia I have only known the Howard Government.

I am crossing my fingers.

suki said...

yeh, i have the mixed feeling too... little sad for Howard little excited for Rudd!