Monday, November 26, 2007

check your email

when you have time
better google and yahoo your email address
few days before I looked for my brother's blog so I search his email address and I've got it
today I search my own email address and what came up was shocking!
About 1 year ago I applied a market stall at Bondi Junction but I never go
they obviously has all my record and stuffs coz I can see all my personal details including email address, home phone, mobile phone and address, they're all up on the internet!!
I have already sent an email to the organizer and ask them to delete the web page
I can also see all the other stall holders details
so, if you have time
search your email to protect yourself!!!


feli said...

I did a search on mine and only one came up and its link to an external site where I have my recycled art featured.


suki said...

good on you!! when i found all my personal details on yahoo i felt terrible!!