Thursday, January 24, 2008

just a little complain

i am going mad with my sewing machine
if anyone reading my blog is going to buy a sewing machine soon
please please please buy a branded one
not something from Priceline or Target or ebay with no brand
espcially if you're not a very experience crafter

i am getting so nuts with my sewing machine
because every 5 or 10 mins
the thread will lose from the "thread take-up level"
so i have to thread the needle thread all the time
a small tote bag takes almost an hour to get it done
usually i only can make 3 in one hour!

what the hell...
i am really angry...
i don't have moeny to buy a sewing machine
all my money has already spent to buy stuffs for the Hope Street Market
I am very broke and so does my sewing machine
but without the sewing machine i cannot work
everytime i re-thread i get angry and it's so damn hot
i am just getting very very upset why everytime i am in a hurry this fxxking machine would break down
maybe i am not belong to this business...


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