Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Double H

I am really excited to announce that Helen and I are going to make one step forward to open our new store Double H which not only focus on handmade goods, but also craft accessories, and my graphic design goodies.

I am always struggling to make perfect bags. I know some people just like the handmade feel of my bag, but I also know someone think my bag making skills are crap, for myself, I love making bags, but I love drawing more...so Helen and I came up with an idea that we can work together while she focus on making bags which she really loves and good at, and I will focus on painting. So here we go Double H!! We branded ourselves double H because my nick name "HE HE" is start with H and of course Helen started with a H, so why not we call ourselves Double H???

Double H is our brand name and store name, Helen will sell some of her handmade bags and fabric there, and I will sell my print out design.

I always want to make some graphic goodies and I think 2008 is the time. Since I don't want to change the brand image of Tamptation, so I will just put all my print out goods at Double H. It's like another product line for me... right now, it's still called tamptation, but maybe later, it will change... i haven't decided it yet.

Here's my first mug


D. T. said...

Hey dear,

nice to see you progressing much, congrats for the new venture !
Your mug looks cute, looking forward ti future production ;)



Suki said...

Thank you D! I am working hard on the graphic design area now so hopefully there will be some new products come out next week.