Thursday, February 7, 2008

Hope Street Market 2008 Summer

Finally the Hope Street Market is over! I was so nervous about this for the whole Jan!
The market was so great!! I met many nice crafters like Aresa from MAM MAM, Ellen from Ellendale, the two lovely ladies from Shelbyville, Sarah from Scottao and Peppermint Jewels. They're all lovely people and I enjoy sharing this important moment with them! I also enjoy meeting the crowd! They're amazing! People stopped by and said "your works are amazing", "your drawing are brilliant" really really made my day!
This is my first time to sell at the market and my first customers were a mother and daughter, they bought a notbook from me first then they came back and buy another notebook and mug! I was really really touched coz they kept on wishing my good luck! They're so nice!! And after that, people started to stop by and look at my stuffs. At first I was really nervous coz I am not good at talking to people (although i am a teacher.. ha...) and Sarah at the next stall was doing so great, but then I just forgot why I am here and just forgot the nerve.
The first day was ok but the second day was super!! I sold almost all my notebooks and a few bags before 3pm and I have nothing to sell. I went to the Oxford Art Supplies around the corner and try to get some Moleskine notebook but they were all sold out. So when I went back, I thought, maybe I can put some of my rubber stamps out... (it makes my table has more stuffs anyway) but what I can't believe was right after I put my stamps out, they were all gone in a hour, maybe? It was really quick! Aftter I sold a few, I caved a few more and obviously this attracked quite a few people to stay and look. I think in 5 hours, I've sold more than 10 stamps. I was so tired but it really worths.
Eearly next morning I went to the city to buy more Moleskine notebook and hoping that people will buy more , unforunately, the rain storm didn't bring lots of crowds to the market. But yeh, guese what, Nicole Kidman came to the show!!! well, she wore a cap and with her body gard, she came in the marketand left the market really quickly. I guese she just sent someone over to shop for her later, btu I don't know who that was.... shame that I didnt take a photo, but I don't think she wanted to... she looks really really thin and tall!!!!! and I think her face is so small that... even my hand is bigger than her face!

Anyway, the market was really really great! The last day I sold more than 20 stamps, and I was just like the old people sitting in front of the Great Wall of China caving stone stamp... I was so so so tired and want to threw all my stamps away, but when I saw how much people wanted the stamps, I started to cave again...

Hope Street Market was really great! Sarah and Brooke did a fantastic job! I really want to join again next time!

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Anonymous said...

wow! nice to hear that!! sounds very exciting!

your stamps rock!! hehee!