Sunday, February 17, 2008

textile patterns

haven't update for quite a long time coz I am writing a book and also making some patterns for textile. I really want to create my own fabric but I dont know how. As I don't have gocco and I don't know how to screen print, it's completely hopeless to make my own textile. I have google quite a few screen print shops but there's only one shop in NSW will custom silk screen. I really hope it will work out!
I am also looking for jobs as my whole family is very very very unhappy about me, working as a crafter, they think it's nonsense.... so to make them happy, i also need to find a job.
things arn't turning so great escpailly after the chinese new year, everything goes wrong, my computer was broken and then my external hard drive was broken, it was suppose to be my back up, but unforunately, i have lost all my back up as well, all my articles, drawing, photos, website and documnets are all gone.
So it explains why I didn't write much lately coz things are quite messed up.

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