Wednesday, March 19, 2008

more notebooks

More notebooks are not avalaible at my etsy store and DoubleH's store. I haven't had time to upload them all at once but probably will put them all on during the Ester holiday.
handmade notebook
handmade notebook
handmade notebook
Oh time just disspear in a blink!! It is Easter already!! I have gain nothing this year excpet FAT... my belly is bigger than ever. It's like 3 months prenegant but the thing is nothing will come out from it! arrrrrrrrgh! maybe should start doing execrise coz I haven't do ANY sport seven years??? ah... maybe should start running or... maybe EAT LESS? but that's so impossible...if I don't eat, there's nothing else to do in the office! I am trying my best to control myself but well... you know a latte and a muffin are neve too much for a break...ah.... I am going to have McD tongiht...

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Amanda said...

Those are looking gorgeous!! I love the new labelling.