Monday, March 17, 2008

tranfser paper

Spending two weeks looking for the right place to print fabric, it seems that it's impossible to print anything anywhere coz people are not replying emails and calls. I don't think the Gocco can print a large fabric as well... so... I came up with an idea to use iron on transfer paper to print fabric

I have bought the transfer paper from ebay and it works not too well, since I have never used transfer paper before, and the instructions there was not very well written, the patterns are either not sticking on the fabric or the whole paper blended with fabric...
handmade fabric - failure
Then I bought another expensive transfer paper form Dymocks and it works incredibly well...just that I dont' like there's a plastic layers on top of the fabric so it lost the whole fabric texture.

At the end of the day, I managed to cut out tiny pieces and "transfer" it to my pouches and they work okay. Still I think I need mroe practice on the prssure and other stuffs. But Well... it's quite good for a start, isn't it?


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