Monday, May 19, 2008

hope street market

I am very glad that the hope street market went very well during the weekend. It was not not as good as last time, probably because of more competitions in the market, but I enjoy the bigger places and more customers. I guese everyone make less money than last time, but we have more interaction this time. So it's quite fair. Sometimes it's just hard to please every customer at the same time.
I can't get half day off from my work (horrible boss) so I have to prepare the stall on Sat morning which is quite scared coz you never know what will go wrong at the last minute. Thank god everything was alright. I didn't know we have a board behind us so I have absolutely nothing to put on, luckily nice Natalie from Rebound Book gave me some pins to put on the board so i can hang my bags up!
Then I've met some designer friends like Michelle from Shelbyville, Sarch from Scotatto, Aresa from Mam Mam Design. It's good to see everyone around again and I am pleaed that everyone are doing very well!
Then of course I met famous Kara Smith, who made beautiful handbag; Adrienne who made cute little softies Skurvyz and Splodgez, AND Lyndsay and Kelly White from Made by White.
I also met Sally Jarmaine who made beautiful notebook. I bought two notebooks from her 2 or 3 years ago at Mushu on Crown street. At that time I haven't start making Tamptation or Double H. I just thought "wow, cool notebooks, I wish I can make that one day" And today (well yesterday should be) I can't believe I met Sally in person and cut a rubber stamp for her!! How cool!

Well, Hope street market is very enjoyable! I wish I'll be there next time!



Clarissa said...

hey there!

was a great opportunity to see your products in person! they were all really lovely - love the fabrics that you used for your bags!! oh and the little pouches too :)

i've seen your shop on etsy, but there was also 'double h' so i wasn't sure if it was you as well or it was collaborated with someone else~ i should've said hi!

keep it up!

clarissa ~ (aka. aishii on etsy)

Suki said...

Hey Clarissa,
Thanks very much! I like your bags too! I saw you quite a few times on etsy.
Yeh, tamptation is my own label and Double H is a new lable with my friend Helen. I do more design works in Double H, while tamptation is my own handmade platform.
I am glad that you like the fabric. I am going to print more later this month. I'll post it up once it's done!
Thank you for stopping by.

Jason said...

Hi there, I followed the link from your comment on Anna Laura. Your names sounds Japanese. Are you from Japan? I am from Australia, however I have been living in Nikko for the past five years. I love it here! Sadly though, I'll be returning to Australia sometime next year.

Suki said...

Hey Jason, I am from Hong Kong actually, but I've been to Australia for 7 years now. Hong Kong people has strange name...haha!

I've only been to Japan once and I love the cleaness and of course the cute zakka over there. I wish I can go to Japan again so that I can buy more materials!! xD

Clarissa said...

oh i see~~ thats nice you have your own handmade platform!

will be looking forward to seeing the new prints!


Suki said...

Thank you!

Suki said...

Thank you!