Saturday, May 31, 2008

Look what I have done

hand printed fabric
after spending weeks to complain I cannot print my fabric professionally, today I finally kicked my own butt to work something out.
Look at the fabric I printed today!!! I caved a square rubber stamp with the full pattern, used pebeo paint and foam to print the whole piece fabric. It was very messy but it looks just fantastic!!!! I love this piece very much!!!
hand printed fabric
rubber stamp
On the other hand, I have bought a so call "easy screen print" from an art supplies online for 30 bucks (with 10 screen) not long ago and today I finally have the chance to have a go. What you need to do is to use pen or pencil to draw the illustration on the a thin plastic and put your screen underneath when you draw, the illustration will go directly to the screen.
screenIt claimed the screen can repeatedly use but of course it's not true... well... depends, if you're not printing a piece of fabric like me maybe it will last about 5-10 times. Really depends how you use it. It's not worth for $30 but if you're in the US, it's just $10 then it definitely worth to have a go! haha...
This is the muhsroom fabric I printed with this screen!
hand printed fabric


Amanda said...

Looks fantastic! You my friend are very clever!

Suki said...

hahahah I am very proud with this piece!!

cfp said...

I love your work here! It is so interesting! The Mushrooms are my favorite! laura

Suki said...

Hi Laura,
The mushrooms are cute! But I wish I have printed them a bit closer. The look a bit lose at the moment but maybe it's good for quilting.