Thursday, May 22, 2008

photoshop pattern making tutorial

Maybe some of you already known how to use photoshop to make patterns but maybe some of you don't and desperatly wanted to know, so here's some simple steps to create your own patterns.
(1) draw a pic: draw something

(2) define pattern
click edit, then "define pattern" and the pic you draw will become a paint brush (or you can call it a stamp)
(3) stmaping
you'll get a shape of your pic and what you need to do is just pick the color and stamp on the white area, if you want a darker color, just keep on stamping the same place serval times and the color will become darker.
(4) finish

Here's my new sakura patterns, they look fantastic, not sure what to do with them
though.. haha

Wow if you look at the flickr display on the right, it looks quite good when all the patterns are put together...

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