Tuesday, June 3, 2008

How to look good naked

Did anyone watch How To Look Good Naked on Chanel 10 yesterday? It's a really fun show and Carson is really hilarious! The only reason I watch this show is because Carson is so over the top and it makes him sounds so crazy... He always say "Look at You~you are SO gorgeous!" He say that to everyone....hahah

Anyway, the more I watch the show the more I hate it. I really hate to see those girls on the show! Those girls have good shapes and look beautiful, but they spent days to cry themselves out just because they don't like their body! I have no idea why they are like that!

The girl on Monday show is ridiculous! She doesn't like her body because she's only 5 foot tall and she's hiding herself all the time! She said "People treat me like a little girl!"

Oh my lord...

Sometimes no one can help you if you don't like yourself. No need to believe you're top of the world but a bit of self confidence is a must to survive in this society I think. No one will love you if you don't love yourself. No one borns to be perfect! I can't see the reason why people are crying just because they arn't size 0! Or being not beautiful enough... what's the point??

I mean there are so many things of yourself you can love so why just focus on some tiny little mistakes on your body and forget the whole lot of good stuffs? Or if you have thick legs (like I do) or big bottom (like I do) or fat belly (like I do) Why not just have a laugh of yourself and let it go?

By the way, I am 5 foot tall as well...hahahhhhhhh but I am proud of who I am.

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