Monday, June 16, 2008

new fabric

This Winter started with heavy rainfall. I guese there are only 2 days in June has sunshine. It reminds me the time when I was living in Melbourne! Anyway, rain is good. Rain kept me at home. If there's sunshine I'll go to the park or shopping.
This wekend I finally got myself screen print some fabric and the result is AMAZING!! I love the new fabric. Will put them on etsy and see how it goes. Can't wait to print more the coming weekend!!
screen printed fabrics
screen printed fabric
screen printed fabric

screen printed fabric


bettyninja said...

I am in love with your designs. I just recently got into fabric painting/design myself. I have been mainly making stencils, but recently picked up a silk screen (brand new) at a yard sale. I was going to try it out. I was wondering (keep in mind I just started) the top photo- are those your screens? Could you offers any tips or suggestions for preparing one? Also, do you buy your screens or make them?


Suki said...

Thank you very much!
I order my screens from local screen making.Not sure which country you're from but I am sure there must be some local screen making shops around your area. I also use stencils and rubber block to print, I think it really depends on your designs. YOu can also use gocco machine to make small screen for fabric printing.
I did asked Anna Laura about screen printing not long ago and she told me the stencil will stick on the screen once you applied the ink on. I haven't try that though, I always book mask instead. haha!