Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Father's day

Sunday was father's day in Hong Kong so I gave my dad a call once I woke up. Dad has sent me some Anti-virus CD-rom last week because my computer works very very slow. So when we were chatting, he convinced me to install those Anti-virus software. Well, once I installed, everything was vanished!! I can't even use safe mode to open Window for God sake... then of course I got nuts with my dad and said it's all his fault! Ridiculously I asked him to give me money and buy a new computer! I don't know which part of me went wrong... but my dad wasn't defeted, he said I must did something wrong when installing the software and it's no point to buy a new computer if there's just one thing wrong. (i know.. haha)
Well, I need to format my computer but it's not yet finished. I don't know what is wrong with the computer I can install a new window but it looks like in safe mode and everything turns up so big! When I re-format the computer (well, everything's gone anyway) I forgot to run the bloody anti-virus program and I got my computer hacked once I connected to the internet! This time, tragiclly, I can open Windows BUT I can only SEE the screen because all the icon arn't moving! Now, after 24 hours, I am still formatting my computer... how HAPPY is that....

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