Monday, August 18, 2008

my job

I've been working at this medical center for almost 2 and a half month, can't say that I am 100% love this job but it's absolutely better than my last job. I just moved from GP to radiology for 3 weeks now and this job is so enjoyable. Proabably my boss is nice and patients are so much nicer than those at GP. Can't bear those crazy strange rude patient over the GP side.
Sometimes I missed the time working with other girls, but if I have a choice, I rather stay alone forever than serving rude people for the whole day.Radiology is fun anyway. Fun people fun job. Learn so much from EVERYTHING. Hope I can learn more later on.

Although working here is so much fun, I always miss the free time I have had... sometimes when I got ideas, I really want to rush back home straight away and draw everything down. I can't draw anything when I was working...coz I am not like my mum.. I can't do 10 things at the same time.... how on earth can she do that anyway?



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