Saturday, September 13, 2008

new fabrics

Looking at my new fabrics make me forgot all of my stress and unhappiness. Last Friday, a patient supposed to do her Ultrasound at 4pm, she called and said she would be 10 minutes because of her work, but by the time she arrived it's already 4.20. I have to go to post office to pick up the fabrics so I was really in a rush.
Sometimes I just couldn't understand why people are so ridiculous. I mean, is work that important? more important than your health and your life? I am very sure the reason why people need to do ultrasound is because they're sick or they don't feel right about their body, I don't understand why when people come here, they always say, "oh i need to do the scan as soon as possible because i need to go back to work", OR some people, like the lady on Friday, would say "sorry i am late, i have to work"

Serously, you can work or you can die. An ultrasound takes just 20- 30 mins, how come you can't take 30 mins off from work? What if you get serious sickness just because you can't take 30 mins off from work ?

Anyway, I learn a lot from this job and I think a lot when I work. I wish everyone cherish their health.

fabric received

oh oh... totally off the track... i was suppose to talk about my fabrics... well well... my fabrics look great, would be avalaible from my etsy store tonight and I will update my website this week!!

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