Monday, October 6, 2008

finally.... an update

Oh my god!
I haven't update this blog for how long... almost a month?
Well, life's been pretty busy so far and also some personal stuffs
so everyday is very crazy for me...
Anyway, even if I have an extream life
I never stop drawing
Here's 2009 calendar set, they come as a postcard set and would be avaliable on 26th Oct PYD building market at Waterloo
You'll find my latest craft paper and fabric collections at this market
and hopefully Young Blood Designers market and Finder Keeper market in December
I am so excited about these three markets
coz I will sell complete different things from before
if i do well in these markets, i feel more like a designer than a crafter

anyway... let's see how it goes...

2009 calendar1

2009 calendar2

2009 calendar3

Don't know how can myself handle so many things at the same time while working full time
i guese i just have some super power inside of me that I've never aware of
or i just love drawing things so much!

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