Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Grandma's turtle

grandma and her turtle

My 93 years old grandma has two big pet turtles
The big one is as big as my head!
Few days ago the big turtle gave birth to 9 turtle eggs!
At first she didn't know what that were
She thought it's my cousin's accessories and threw them away!
Then I don't know if that's my cousin or my aunt found out that's turtle's eggs!!
When I knew about it, (I was so excited coz I really want to have pet turtles!) I said to my mum "ask daddy to get some sands!!!"
However, my old grandma wasn't very excited coz she doesn't want to have any more turtles in her life!
Mum said my grandma bath her turtle everyday so they won't get smelly!
Obviously at the age of 93, she doesn't want to bath 11 turtles in a day!

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