Friday, June 26, 2009

King of Pop

This morning when I arrived the medical center I saw the news on Channel 9 about Michael Jackson's sudden death. At that time his dead isn't even confirmed yet. Lucy and I were so shock and don't believe it's true!

I mean.... Michael Jackson died? I thought he would never die?! or maybe he would die, but not like that? so easy? His death should be more dramatic like... gun shooting? or killed by his children when they all fight for his Never Land? He shouldn't die this way. He's too young...

anyway, we couldn't believe it's true and we thought it's just false alarm and few hours later MJ would walk out the hospital and said "oh i just want more publicity!"

It's just sad... he's so talent. No one can replace him. I couldn't think of anyone is as good as him.

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