Sunday, February 7, 2010

An Education

Another rainy week, another rainy day.
Best time to watch movie - an education.

I think it's a book written by Nick Hornby? But I can never find it, I mean the original book. Maybe there arn't any. I read most of his book and I think he's very funny. He has dark humor and he's very sensitive. I love this movie not only because of the story but also the vintage art in the movie. House decoration, dresses, hair, English accent, little houses in Europe and MUSIC!

Leading actress Carey Mulligan is absolutely absolutely beautiful! Can't get my eyes off her for the whole movie. With the beautiful vintage style and really nice music. It has brighten up the rainy cold weekend a little bit.

The theme message is quite strong at the end of the movie. Should we choose to have fun and enjoy our lives or we should choose to study, which is boring and hard? Which one would you choose if you can only pick one? Till now, after finished 2 university degrees, I still don't know which one is right. There are so many questions that I don't know the answer. Should we choose fun or education. Should we study what we love or what we need.

I wish I know.

Shame that the trailer isn't as good as the movie. This movie shows much more than that.

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CrazyGirl said...

I just saw the movie and I loved it!