Wednesday, March 3, 2010

etsy orders

Its funny that I just happen to have two custom orders on etsy at the same time
and both of them know exactly what they wanted
After I finished the first go
I put it on my flickr
and it's funny that both of them arn't really happy with what I've done
and want me to make some adjustments

plum blossom print

blue bird moleskine

I've never done any custom order like this before
or I should say most of the custom order that I had before
are quite simple
just adding names or changing colours
but today's ones are quite different coz they told me exactly what to draw!

Most of the creative people won't like it
I mean doing what other people ask you to do isn't really "creative"
and it's kind of not respect the artist
BUT I found it really interesting
it's demanding but also challenging
to see if I can do it
I like the excitement!! i wish I can do more custom order from now on !

and to be honest
I think both of the drawing turn out better than I thought
and I love them more than my original drawing!!
(OMG, does that mean I am a bad drawer???)
I guess somehow I just need to step outside my comfort zone and try new stuffs
I just feel like this two drawing will change my life

Thanks Carol and Brooke
Thanks for your patient and the encouragement!!
And thank you very much for loving my drawing!

plum blossom

bird moleskine notebook

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